The Fame, The Fame Monsters, Born This Way and now ARTPOP is coming. 
Each of the albums is amazing. And for all little monsters, each album is special. Each album has a personal story or brings up memories to you, isn’t it? I can tell my memories and thoughts, if you have time, please read it. 
The Fame
Me and my best friends V. and W. used to dance on Just Dance all the time. We performed, and we had the time of our lives. And it doesn’t matter that we were ten years old! We danced and had fun. And I really miss those times. Because now, I don’t see them anymore. V. died 2,5 years ago on cancer. She was the most awesome, biggest and strongest Little Monster you can imagine, it really is a shame that she never have listened to Born This Way, and never will hear one line of ARTPOP and all the other albums, songs and inspiring words which are coming. V. couldn’t beat the cancer and I still miss her every day.  Since, I don’t see W. much. We’re in different schools and are busy with our own lives. 
The Fame Monsters
The most beautiful and inspiring song on this album is Speechless for me. This actually connect to what I just wrote. Speechless was the song which was played on the funeral of my best friend V. and it’s true, everybody was Speechless when she died. I think that’s all I have to say. 
Born This Way
In between The Fame Monsters and Born This Way I grew up, and I became 13. I went to a different school and got a new life. If I think about Born This Way, the album, I think about lots of things. I think about how I sang ‘You and Ï’ for my classmates, and made my friends cry. I think about how I accepted myself while my little sister was singing Born This Way. I think about a German boy I barely know on a ship. He walked across me and started to sing The Edge Of Glory for me. Okay, I know, kind of weird. And I think about singing Hair while I cut 25 cm of my hair. 
ARTPOP makes my think of waiting, because I was waiting for ARTPOP when my life changed in many different ways. But know it’s coming, and I don’t have to wait much longer. YEAH!

Thank you for reading my crap, if you did. I hope you liked it!